BINAEEM Organazing Committee Message for the ACS Puerto Rico Members

Trends in Bio/Nanosciences: Energy, Environment and Medicine (BINAEEM 2017)


During recent years, Puerto Rico has experienced significant growth and recognition in the areas of nansciences and nanotechnology. As such, we have developed a critical mass of research groups, laboratories, and central facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation around the island in public as well as private academic institutions and even private companies. This growth is easily confirmed by the large number of publications generated by these groups and by the diversity of funds assigned from federal and local entities. 

For this reason, a group of colleagues came with the idea to develop a Scientific Congress where these groups can converge to represent their work, accomplishments and new directions. The congress will serve as a venue to join efforts to further expand this local development in the area of nanosciences, bionanosciences and related branches.

By this mean, we are delighted to extend you an invitation to the BINAEEM 2017 Congress. The meeting is being organized by the College of Chemists of Puerto Rico (CQPR) through a special committee known as CAFEC ( CAFEC’s mission is to use the position of the CQPR as the Puerto Rico NAO (National Adhering Organization) of IUPAC to locally advance current frontier scientific topics through international scientific events in the chemical sciences.

The first of these events, BINAEEM 2017, will host six plenary lectures from Renowned Scientists in the area, oral and poster presentations, and an exhibit area for our sponsors. This communication includes a flyer with general information, but please refer to our website where you will find more details related to the Congress, including abstract submission, registration, housing accommodations, sponsors, etc. We would also want to focus on student participation to recognize their devotion and progress in this area.

We hope that this invitation will be disseminated among your colleagues, students, organizations and companies.



Organizing Committee

BINAEEM 2017  


Published by ACS Puerto Rico