Nanotechnology is the science of the extremely tiny materials through nanostructures dispersed in a host medium. It involves the study and use of materials on an unimaginably nanometer (nm) scale. Functionality exists at the nanoscale or at the macroscale, but it is always achieved through controlled dispersion of nanostructures that interact with the host matrix, useful for biological or Nano-engineered Materials. Some applications are structure elucidation and molecular design, computational investigations into the nature of specific nanomaterial or modeling of multifunctional Heterostructures.

The Nanoscopy Facility offers access to four instruments: a state-of-the-art ultra-high resolution (HR) Cs probe corrected TEM (JEOL JEM-2200FS), a HR TEM (JEOL JEM-2100F), a conventional energy filtered TEM (Zeiss LEO 922), a HR field emission SEM (JEOL JSM-7500F), and a focused ion beam system (JEOL JEM-9310). The facility is expected to expand, so please contact us for more information.