MCC is governed by a Board of Directors. The President of the Board is the Past vice-president for Academic Affairs and Research of the University of Puerto Rico and the Director of Resource for Research Center. The other four members are appointed by the President of the University of Puerto Rico. Currently these persons are:


  • Dr. José A. Lasalde Dominicci, President of the Board and Vice-President of UPR
  • Eng. Carlos del Río, Industrial Private Sector
  • Dr. Ismael Pagán Trinidad, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Mayagüez UPR
  • Dr. Samuel Hernández, Industrial Private Sector
  • Dr. Noemí Santiago, Industrial Private Sector


At present, the Center’s day-to-day activities are coordinated by Dr. Edgard Resto, Executive Director who reports to the Board. He has been the Director since February, 2002. He is assisted by Dr. José A. Prieto (Scientific Affairs Associate Director) & Lic. Neiza Hernández, MS (Quality Assurance Officer); also Mrs. Celia Rivera and Mrs. Gladys Varela assist the director in accounting and administration among others administrative assistance (part time basis). Outside services include an accountant: Mr. Andrés Hernández and an external quality assurance consultant, Lic. José H. Lebrón, who was also responsible for the initial development of the Master Validation Plan.


Analytical instruments are housed in four laboratories manned by MCC personnel. A professor, knowledgeable in the particular area of analysis serves as the laboratory’s scientific and technical advisor and assists in the management and supervision of the facility.

Scientific and Technical MCC Organization Chart