The Materials Characterization Center, Inc (MCC) services has been a leader in the scientific collaboration with the pharmaceutical, electronics, medical devices, food, biotechnology and other industry sectors.  Other clients include: Government agencies, concerned with forensic and regulatory affairs and academic institutions engaged in scientific research.  MCC works under strict confidentiality with all of its customers. Our scientific team of experts is made up of PhD, Masters and licenced Chemists. Our goal is to provide the best, reliable, and fastest customer service suitable to your request.  MCC’s quality system guarantees that each service can meet your goals.  Our services can help your needs in the identification of foreign materials, elemental composition, particle size, identification of chemical compounds, undesired polymorphic, crystal structure, solubility, characterization of raw materials, biopolymers (proteins, polinucleotides, carbohydrates)  protein characterization, sequencing of proteomic and genomic, and fragment analysis applications, among other services.

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