SNIEF’s technologies can be used in a series of applications, for instance:

  • In vivo ultra-deep and high-speed imaging. For example, biochemical reactions, dynamics of biological processes, and cell interactions in deep areas within living organisms can be visualized at great speed and resolution.
  • Simultaneous photostimulation and image acquisition at high-speed can be realized such as photoactivation, photoconversion, FRAP, FLIP, and photo caged-compounds.
  • Simultaneous IR excitation imaging. Two different probes can be simultaneous excited with IR light and visualized.
  • Digital videos of many important cellular functions such as muscle contraction, cell motility, cell division, and cytokinesis.
  • Nanomedicine research. The drug delivery of therapeutic nanomaterials into cells can be visually monitored.
  • Ion channel research. Ionic currents from ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels can be recorded with high fidelity as well as optical action potentials from any excitable cells.
  • Neuroscience research. The structure and function of neuronal circuits in rats can be simultaneous analyzed for example the action potential firing of multiple neurons in a brain tissue.

Available Instrumentation:

  1. Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope A1R laser scanning confocal system
  2. Nikon Eclipse FN1 Upright Microscope
  3. Electrophysiology Rigs
  4. Two-Electrode Voltage Clamp Rig (for frog oocytes)
  5. Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation

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