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202, 2018


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Invita: Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico Este curso está dirigido a especialistas científicos del área industrial indistintamente de su área de especialización.   Se describirán los conceptos de caracterización de substancias orgánicas, inorgánicas y bioorgánicas (polipéptidos, proteínas o polinucleotidos) y otros materiales utilizando instrumentaciones espectroscópicas de alta tecnología.  Estas incluyen las metodologías de Resonancia Magnética Nuclear (NMR). Los aspectos instrumentales y los requisitos de preparación de muestra serán discutidos.  Las aplicaciones más comunes para solucionar la caracterización de materiales o impurezas en productos farmacéuticos o biofarmacéuticos serán presentados, tales como: determinación de la estructura química, análisis de mezclas, identificación de impurezas, polimorfismo de la [...]

2208, 2017

Trends in Bio/Nanosciences: Energy, Environment and Medicine (BINAEEM 2017)

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BINAEEM Organazing Committee Message for the ACS Puerto Rico Members   Trends in Bio/Nanosciences: Energy, Environment and Medicine (BINAEEM 2017) Greetings, During recent years, Puerto Rico has experienced significant growth and recognition in the areas of nansciences and nanotechnology. As such, we have developed a critical mass of research groups, laboratories, and central facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation around the island in public as well as private academic institutions and even private companies. This growth is easily confirmed by the large number of publications generated by these groups and by the diversity of funds assigned from federal and local entities.  For this [...]

1108, 2017


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The Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico (CQPR), IUPAC's Puerto Rico National Adhering Organization (NAO), is delighted to invite you to the 1st BINAEEM International Conference on Nanosciences.  The theme of the conference is "The development of chemistry within the nanosciences in the areas of energy, the environment and nanomedicine".   The event will take place at Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 5-6, 2017. The final program will be posted here. Confirmed Plenary Speakers Chinedum Osuji, Ph.D., Yale, University, Polymers for energy applications Charles Lieber, Ph.D., Harvard University, Nanobioelectronics Shu Yang, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Bio-inspired materials. [...]

506, 2017

Teléfono Inteligente en el Aula de las Ciencias

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Sé parte del mundo tecnológico en el que viven nuestros estudiantes y lleva una ciencia real a través del recurso que más aman y dominan: sus celulares. Únete a nosotros en el desarrollo de este taller, en el que te familiarizaras con diferentes aplicaciones “apps” para teléfonos celulares y que te permitirán desarrollar un incontable número de prácticas en el aula de ciencias naturales. Lo que te ofrecemos: Taller con énfasis en el desarrollo de prácticas de ciencias a partir de 3 “apps” para celulares. Presentación en power point (.pptx) Material necesario para desarrollar tu práctica “hands-on” Hoja de trabajo [...]

1905, 2017

PRCHEM 2017 “Chemistry in Latin America and the Caribbean; Your Gateway to Opportunities”.

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PRCHEM 2017  “Chemistry in Latin America and the Caribbean; Your Gateway to Opportunities”.  August 2 - 5, 2017 Ritz Carlton Hotel, San Juan,  Puerto Rico By: Colegio de Quimicos Webpage I am pleased and honor to invite you, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, to join us in celebrating our 76th Conference and Exhibition, PRChem 2017 “Chemistry in Latin America and the Caribbean; Your Gateway to Opportunities”. The Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan has been chosen as the venue for this conference and exhibition; PRChem is designed to serve as a powerful catalyst for projects led by the next [...]

1705, 2017

Colegio de Químicos ofrece única certificación en Desarrollo de Métodos y Sistemas de Calidad

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Por:COLEGIO DE QUIMICOS DE PUERTO RICO·TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017 Con el propósito de capacitar biólogos, químicos y científicos en sistemas de garantía y control de calidad aplicado al proceso del análisis químico, el Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico (CQPR) ofrecerá la certificación profesional ‘Desarrollo de Métodos y Sistemas de Calidad’, única en la isla. La certificación que está compuesta por tres módulos que tendrán una duración total de 45 horas contacto y se dividirán en ocho sesiones se ofrecerá a partir del sábado 3 de junio en las instalaciones del Centro de Investigaciones de Ciencias Moleculares de la Universidad [...]

1811, 2016

BIOLATAM Conference

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      Article obtained from:  BIOPHARM INSIGHT Biolatam® is the biotechnology conference which provides unique access to Latin America, one of the fastest growing life science markets, in a forum for collaboration, discussion and partnering among key industry executives in Latin America, the US and Europe. International drug developers are increasingly targeting Latin America's emerging market and innovative capabilities in generic pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and drug manufacturing. As well, governmental support for biotechnology companies has increased dramatically over the last decade, lending to a ripe environment for life science partnering. Biolatam aims at promoting mutual benefits between global companies [...]

1810, 2016

Materials Characterization Center (MCC)

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The Materials Characterization Center (MCC) is located at the first floor of the Molecular Science Research Center (MSRC) of the UPR.  MCC provides quality systems to ensure that each service meets Industry user’s goals.  We follow cGMP’s as well as Quality Assurance (QA) Agreements.  GMP’s also are followed by our SOP’s in order to maintain the quality of each analysis performed.  Audits are performed in house and by the principal industries and are part of MCC’s policies in order to maintain our excellent services. Our quality and excellence service has been demonstrated by clients among the years trusting in our [...]

1810, 2016

Innovation Center for the Economic Development of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

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The Materials Characterization Center (MCC) is an innovative industry-academia resource with demonstrated capacity to provide advanced applied research analytical services to the university, demanding high technology industry and manufacturing sector.  The MCC, not-for-profit but self-supporting corporation is affiliated to the University of Puerto Rico and was created in 1995 by the Faculty of Natural Sciences of University of Puerto Rico (UPR) in consortium with INDUNIV, with support from the government of Puerto Rico in the form of a grant from the Science and Technology Fund, managed by Puerto Rico industrial and economic development agency (PRIDCO).  MCC is offering specialized analyses [...]

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