The Materials Characterization Center (MCC) is located at the first floor of the Molecular Science Research Center (MSRC) of the UPR.  MCC provides quality systems to ensure that each service meets Industry user’s goals.  We follow cGMP’s as well as Quality Assurance (QA) Agreements.  GMP’s also are followed by our SOP’s in order to maintain the quality of each analysis performed.  Audits are performed in house and by the principal industries and are part of MCC’s policies in order to maintain our excellent services.
Our quality and excellence service has been demonstrated by clients among the years trusting in our work.  In addition, MCC’s industrial Partners and users represent a wide spectrum of leading companies in the pharmaceutical, chemicals plants, biopharmaceutical, medical device, food and other industries, as well as government agencies concerned with forensic and regulatory affairs.
Other services that MCC provides besides the industrial sector is to the academia, engaged in scientific research. MCC offers direct support, scientific advice and testing to the research projects undergoing and under strict confidentiality criteria.