Some typical applications regularly requested by our industrial/academia clients include:

  • Surface area and porosity analysis: commonly used to understand physical properties of materials for several applications including: pharmaceuticals, ceramics, adsorbents, activated carbons, carbon blacks, catalysts, paintings, coatings, projectile propellant, medical implants, electronics, cosmetics, aerospace, geoscience, nanotubes, and energy-related materials.

Instrumentation available:

  • TriStar II PLUS 3020 Micromeritics: Surface and Porosity Analyzer
  • Digisizer Micromeritics: Particle size analyzer
  • DV3T Rheometer Brookfield: viscosity and mechanical properties of fluids
  • CT3 Texture Analyzer Brookfield: compression and tensile testing
  • DSC Mettler Toledo
  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat with EIS capabilities: corrosion and electrochemical studies
  • Hardware for testing of desalination membranes