Some typical applications regularly requested by our industrial/academia clients include:

  • Poloxamer and Opadry
  • Analyses based in USP and EP protocols
  • Structural determination of unknown materials
  • Raw material analysis
  • Identification of chemicals in mixtures
  • Chemical characterizations of impurities

Some NMR analyses are performed following either the United States Pharmacopiea (USP) or European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Methodology

  • One – Dimensional NMR experiments(1-D NMR)
  • Proton, Carbon or heteronuclear NMR, solvent supression, APT, DEPT, and NOE
  • Two-Dimensional NMR experiments(2-D NMR)
  • COSY, NOESY, HETCOR, HMBC, HMQC and many others

Instrumentation available:

  • Bruker Avance DPX-300
  • Bruker DRX-500
  • Bruker AV-500
  • Bruker Ascend Aeon 700