Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is one of the most important spectroscopic techniques currently available in chemical, biochemical and biomedical research. It enables the scientist to investigate very complex systems and obtain unambiguous detailed information about their structure and composition.

The NMR laboratory is under the direction of Dr. José A. Prieto, who was responsible for the transition from a 60-90 MHz technician-operated facility to a 300-700 MHz center in which faculty, students and qualified visitors can set up and run experiments aided by NMR personnel Lic. José R. Martínez, the NMR specialist, is in charge of the facility’s operation, training and maintenance, as well as experimental setups for more sophisticated and non-routine uses.

The facility has capabilities for structure determinations of unknown substances, as well as for chemical and physical characterization of mixture. 1D and 2D Experiments such as DEPT, APT, COSY, HETCOR and HMQC, HMBC and NOESY are routinely run on these instruments, as are multinuclear experiments such as 31P, 51V, 29Si and 11B. Other NMR techniques include T1 determinations, water suppression experiments and CPMAS (solids) experiments.