The Sequencing and Genotyping Facility (SGF) of the University of Puerto Rico is a low cost, fee-for-service facility designed to provide students and researchers with access to modern equipment for sequence and genotype data generation.

SGF offer medium throughput sequencing and fragment analysis data generation with our ABI 3130xl, and high throughput sequencing with our Roche GS FLX System, Titanium Series, as well as personalized support for our users. Our equipment has the resources needed for running a wide variety of sequencing and fragment analysis applications such as direct sequencing, primer-walking, pyrosequencing, AFLPs, RFLPs, Microsatellites, LOH, LH-PCR, SNP validation and SNP screening, among other services. We also offer workshops and trainings to students and researchers from every campus and department associated to the University, INBRE/PR-AABRE associated institutions and other academic institutions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region.

SGF is in full collaboration with the Materials Characterization Center, Inc. (MCC). SGF’s main goal is to create an alliance of researchers and students who share common research interests and who work together to strengthen the scientific infrastructure and research competitiveness within Puerto Rico by expanding our user base and providing excellent service.

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