SMS & Crystallography Lab:

  • Dr. Loraine Soto, PhD, Quality Control
  • Lic. Alejandro Parodi, BS
  • Other Research Assistance

MS Lab:

  • Ms. Mildred Rivera Isaac, MS
  • Ms. Angelica Baez, MS
  • Other Research Assistance

NMR Lab:

  • Dr. José A. Prieto, PhD Associate Director of Scientific Affairs 
  • Dr. José Martínez, PhD

NeuroImaging and Electrophysiology Facility (NIEF) Lab:

  • Dr. José A. Lasalde, PhD- Director
  • Lic. Bismark Madera- Confocal Microscopy Specialist

Sequencing and Genotyping Lab

  • Dr. Riccardo Papa, PhD
  • Silvia Planas, MSc

Nanotechnology & Characterization Lab:

  • Dr. Osvaldo Rosario, PhD
  • Dr. Antonio Martinez, PhD
  • Dr. Estevao Fachini, PhD
  • Others

Advanced Materials Research Lab:

  • Dr. Ram Katiyar, PhD